In our 10+ years of experience, we have cracked the often-elusive communication code based on bespoke influencing and opinion leadership.

□ Inés Benavides

◯ Festival de la Lavanda



Architect and interior designer INÉS BENAVIDES joined our ranks to up her professional record in the press.

The LAVENDER FESTIVAL of Brihuega, in central Spain has become quite the item lately. They picked PRESS & PR CONSULTANT to promote its 7th edition. Including live concerts and a lavender field trail experience, the local and global press absolutely adored this exclusive and unique event.

In the food department, CECINAS PABLO picked us to further enhance the newly arrived Beef Jerky trend in Madrid. We also launched its innovative protein snack: CRUCOX.

To top off this productive year, we began a whirlwind campaign in defense of ecologically and humanely sustainable fisheries on occasion of the ‘Trilogue’ negotiations between the European Parliament, the Council of the EU and the European Commission. This high-profile endeavour for non-profit association BLOOM has paid off and we are now in charge of their dedicated communication in French, Italian, and Spanish across the continent.


The year was marked by a quartet of international fashion firms. They approached us to handle their press communication and social networking, enhancing our fashion portfolio.

Firstly, we began working with SACT, a luxury exotic leather handbag brand based out of Istanbul, Turkey. All the way from Austin, Texas, we landed SUAVS sneakers. In Spain, MONNAS urban slippers was looking for a fresh look to introduce their shoe line. Lastly, French firm TBS, a streetstyle footwear and clothing brand of nautical inspiration.

European student exchange program ERASMUS turned 30 in 2017. We devised a communication campaign casting famous faces and professional profiles relevant in the world of lifestyle, which received a full-splendour, 10-page coverage in a national Spanish daily, among other media.

□ Sact

◯ Suavs



The agency was looking to broaden its outlook exploring the different angles that tourism offered. Our first breakthrough was signing with the Tourism Office of the BAHAMAS. Soon after that, we began working with two quaint destinations in the French Basque Country: SAINT JEAN DE LUZ and HENDAYE. The Spanish press picked up on our take of its rich history, cuisine, and culture.

Partnering with renowned Spanish handbag firm ACOSTA was quite a coup. They entrusted us with their latest collections. Season after season, we successfully introduced their product and vision to the press and to a diversified network of fashion bloggers.

We topped off the year with a trendsetting international project from GEM —Global Entrepreneurship Monitor— spelling out the growing tide in start-up financing.


□ Bahamas

◯ Acosta



We made our way to London to introduce the works of Venezuelan painter ABDUL VAS to the British media. His work was hailed by a varied array of news outlets, including The Independent newspaper.

We also partook in the release of organic lamp design start-up BRZ WOOD DESIGN and leather hand-bag brand virtuosos OPHELIE AND MARLON to the press.

□  Abdul Vas

◯ BRZ Wood Design

□ Lautem

◯ Patrick Duler



Sinking out teeth further in the haute gastronomy world, we signed French chef PATRICK DULER, an international expert in natural cuisine and, of course, the black truffle.

PRESS & PR CONSULTANT picked up two new cutting-edge designer brands, both of which captivated the unforgiving ‘pens’ of national and international press: LAUTEM proved a huge success among celebrities, including Emma Watson and Solange Knowles, with its innovative and exclusive luxury handbags. IMPÚRIBUS also shined with its high-end prêt-à-porter fashion.

We welcomed the MUSEUM OF DECORATIVE ARTS and set a standard unveiling its cultural agenda and a host of different activities.


We reinforced our savvy of the wedding industry organising our first Bridal Day to introduce bridal fashion designer NIHIL OBSTAT and wedding planner Sira Antequera of SI QUIERO.

SOFT PARIS is a luxury party plan brand of sensual products, including erotic toys and fine lingerie. We began organising Soft Parties with advisors or ‘creators of happiness’. The press welcomed this growing trend enthusiastically.

Managing the communication of the exclusive Thai PAÑPURI ORGANIC SPA covered our bases in the Beauty & Wellbeing sector.

□ Nihil Obstat

◯ Soft Paris



PRESS & PR CONSULTANT joined the digital camp representing different tech companies: THE OBJECTIVE, the first Spanish online photography-newspaper; ID-STRESS, a therapeutic app that manages individual stress; and SECRETOS DE ARMARIO, a vintage fashion e-commerce.

We were involved in launching ‘IT´S NO GAME’, a videogame endorsed by NGO Médicos Sin Fronteras to help society understand the plight of humanitarian workers worldwide when helping others in natural disasters, human conflicts and disease epidemics.

□ The Objective

◯ ID-Stress



□ Scent on Canvas

◯ Amorino


SCENT ON CANVAS follows in the footsteps of our beauty stake: a line of unique perfumes authored by nose Béatrice Aguilar and beautifully wrapped in handmade packaging-cum-artwork by different artists.

We dove into the world of Delicatessen products with AMORINO. Its Italian artisan ice cream made its mark on the market with its flower-shaped cone —each petal a different flavour. Eclectic cocktail lounge bar PASQUA also fell into this category.

PRESS & PR CONSULTANT’s admiration for all art forms helped in securing the account of recognized artist and hat designer CANDELA CORT. We teamed up to catapult brand visibility in the press through her two biggest exhibitions at Madrid’s Museo de la Moda.

Finally, we led the communication effort during the premiere of MARRANADAS, a play inspired on the best seller of Marie Darrieussecq, which was originally staged in Paris.


This year saw us introduce an exclusive new brand to the press, CARNER BARCELONA, with its ground-breaking and distinctive fragrances. Our success led EAU MO, another avant-garde fragrance, to hire our services as well.

Our efforts to diversify our portfolio and expand into interior design bore fruit. Mid-year, we signed FLOWERBOX, a brand specialising in the design of flower murals and vertical gardens.

Meanwhile, we continued to commute between NYC, Paris, and London, managing editorial tours and signing with international partners.

□ Carner Barcelona

◯ Flowerbox



PRESS & PR CONSULTANT signed young talent and designer Joaquim TRIAS, nestling him and his brand every step of the way towards his first big successes in the NYC. The project touched base in different world destinations, where we hosted fashion shows and celebrities, including Carolina Herrera, who welcomed and endorsed the talent of our client.

SALLY HAMBLETON for THE WORKSHOP FLORES joined our client portfolio, becoming the first flower boutique in Spain to sign with a communication agency. In no time, the flower shop became the darling of the national press and was hailed by specialised fashion magazines.

On a more personal note, we opened our first showroom in downtown Madrid.


□ Trías

◯ Sally Hambleton



PRESS & PR CONSULTANT was born in search of ever-expanding horizons. We first traveled to Soria, in northern Spain, to harness the scent of black truffle with Chef ML Banzo from LA COCINA DE MARIA LUISA. Our second stop was STRESSLESS, a Norwegian home furniture design brand that stated its claim to Nordic quality and comfort innovation.

□ Stressless

◯ La cocina de María Luisa

To be continued… 

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