Press & PR Consultant has honed its skills for the last 10+ years. Incorporating the many years of experience from its international and multicultural team, the agency has streamlined its services and approach, cracking once and for all the ever-elusive communication code.

Our services elicit a two-pronged approach:

We are devoted to change. We are post digital. We live responsive. We love brands.


We design thorough short and long-term strategies with your project’s commercial and marketing objectives in mind. Each proposal is a glimpse of our personalised methodology, focusing specifically on creative and fresh initiatives.


We design and manage a strategic advertising agenda for brands that seek a fast turnaround for their investment. We define the budget, negotiate customised coverage and create branded content for target media. We monitor media clippings and inserts and draft a brand placement impact report for the client.


Building brand identity means assessing and developing your brand as we work through constant trend and technology hypes. Services include naming, corporate identity, artwork, new product implementation —online, advertising, POS, etc. — and market surveying.


A rigorous selection of established and emerging influencers and celebrities is key to establish a strategic relationship based on the identity, the values, the vision and the target consumers of any brand. Digital press, social networks, blogs, and influencer contribution are subject to on-going impact analysis and reports.


Analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, front-end programming, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Creation of campaigns and planning of Ad-words, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, multimedia videos, etc.


Sharing and passing on our experience is important for us:
“As founder and director of Press & PR Consultant, and with a professional career in communication spanning over 25 years, I’m always keen to share my experience with others. The agency organises training workshops on strategy, branding and communication management”.


It’s a fact: communication and press-management boost the impact of your brand. How? We are qualified consultants in communication, but we excel as a niche agency. We first draw up an objective analysis of your sector’s current market juncture; we then give up a host of inputs aimed at successfully delivering your brand to target consumers.


Our dynamic practice has worked closely with the press for years. We offer you a close and proactive link with the media. We regularly draft, design, and translate press notes, dossiers, and statements, managing adequate distribution and timely disclosure. Beyond publication, we also organise editorial tours and one-on-one’s.


Our offices have dedicated space to showcase client products and collections. We receive a steady flow of fashion designers, influencers, celebrities, and journalists to discuss product placement in social events, TV shows, movies, and social media.


Today, traditional and digital media communication strategies go hand in hand. We design and generate organically coherent and relevant content on the different social platforms. We engage target audiences creating community involvement and loyalty. Monthly impact analysis reports follow.


We design and organise specific events —such as openings, product and brand presentations, fashion shows, trade fairs, social events, etc. — depending on the specific needs and target audience of the brand/client/project. We manage creativity, artwork, copywriting, production, invitations, RSVP, attendance, event media coverage… the works.


We develop the technical and creative sides of website development. We can advise you concerning website design and architecture, HTML programing, content updating, web positioning, usability, and consistency.